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Mary HIll

Our website will give you the full picture of what we can provide for small business, sole traders and contractors.
We have multiple qualifications (see the website)
We provide Bookkeeping and Tax returns plus other services for small business, making sure we look after our clients and going the extra mile. We provide our services at a very reasonable cost.
I have a small team to assist me who also have qualifications.

In July 2014 my husband and I shifted to Wanganui from Hawkes Bay and set up residence.
When we moved over I was working remotely for a business I had worked for since 2006 in Hawkes Bay and when work finished in 2015, I looked back and thought I was able to work remotely very successfully for this business there must be other businesses who need assistance without the need to employ staff and run an office which can be very costly and a big commitment. My client came back to me in 2017 and asked me to run the Admin side of his business, which I have done now for 3 years.

My background is in business, and I have 40 years experience in running business.

I really enjoy providing support and assisting business to succeed.

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