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The New Zealand Qualified Bookkeepers Association is committed to helping develop and grow the bookkeeping profession. We will connect you with New Zealand Bookkeepers and business, supporting you in your Bookkeeping career.

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  Certified Bookkeeper™ Qualified Bookkeeper™ Business Membership
Get FREE Access to monthly webinars to help you succeed in your Bookkeeping Business
Use of the NZQBA Member Badge to enhance your credibility & confidence of clients
Receive FREE monthly training, technical updates and attend an online network meeting to keep up to date with industry trends, learn from others and avoid mistakes in Bookkeeping
Step-by-step guide to help you start your own Bookkeeping Business. Click HERE to watch an overview.
Receive regular email newsletters & updates to ensure you remain supported and connected
Access to The Bookkeepers Hub – a consolidated library of NZ bookkeeping training material, podcasts, webinars and support
Get a FREE listing on the ‘Find a Bookkeeper’ network
Ask technical Bookkeeping or Business questions anytime
Receive FREE CPD Training (including Payroll training) and get links to Accountants and Businesses
Become an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper and a Member of AAT* – be recognised globally
Get access to 3 x Certified Bookkeeper memberships for you and your team
Receive 2 x FREE Conference Tickets
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* AAT is the world’s leading professional body for Qualified Bookkeepers and Accounting Technicians with over 140,000 members. Your AAT Qualified Bookkeeper Membership gives businesses the confidence that you meet renowned international standards.