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Recent Bookkeeping Events

Webinar: Helping you start and grow your bookkeeping business

Speaker: Melanie Power

Hear from a successful bookkeeper who went from no Bookkeeping clients to 120 Bookkeeping clients in only one year!

“All the information provided today was fantastic, such a good presenter.” – Lisa Palmer

“It gave me confidence and valuable information to start up my own bookkeeping business. Not knowing how to put it together effectively has been holding me back. Breaking it down in how to that would fit for me was very inspiring” – Nolene Human

“A lot of interesting, general information that can be applied to multiple industries.” – Matt Hancock

Webinar: MYOB Discover Webinar

Speaker: Cat Finch & Bernadette Ah-Loo

Interactive online demonstration of MYOB solutions to help you in your Bookkeeping Business workflows

“Good KNOWLEDGE and understanding about MYOB”  – Rita Abraham

“Best methods to find new clients, especially when just starting out” – Leesa Brock

“It is great to see the package in action as I am close to starting the MYOB portions of my course and using it in real life for our business!” – Morgan Olsen

Webinar: Creating your 2021 Business Plan

When: Wednesday,  3rd February | 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Speaker: Zac De Silva

Join award-winning business coach, Zac De Silva, share his expertise in creating a successful and effective Business Plan.

“Clear and tangible steps for creating a business plan, without the waffle”  – Melissa May

“Zac explained the importance of making goals for us to achieve within my business. The importance of marketing to get clients and making yourself known” – Laureen Janse van Rensburg

“Great practical advice from Zac who is also an Accountant and therefore have a real understanding of the business. It’s great to have homework as well as action points so we don’t just go away and forget what we learned.” – Rowena Eriguel

Webinar: Find clients & create your brand using social media!

Speaker: Chelsey Ritson & Noeline Murphy

Join social media coach, Chelsey Ritson in our upcoming webinar. She will share her expertise on how you can get the most out of social media for your business! Plus a bonus session with Noeline Murphy, Certified Bookkeeper Member, who will share with you her best takeaways from her Bookkeeping Journey

“Finding clients is probably the hardest task, so this webinar is helpful by providing some good tips and insights to identify your ideal client and the best platforms to reach them on while building your brand.”  – Madi du Preez

“Shared real-life examples & very informative session from the speakers” – Mathew Plappally

“My biggest takeaway was keeping our posts as human as possible just like we are talking to another person ” – Laureen Janse van Rensburg

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