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Qualified Bookkeeper™ Membership Overview

Designed for those who want to become a fully qualified member or Master Bookkeeper and run their own Bookkeeping Business. Being a Qualified Bookkeeper™ with NZQBA automatically allows you to become an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper.

Prerequisites – Must have either:

  1. Successfully completed an AAT bookkeeping qualification; OR
  2. Successfully completed The Career Academy’s Certificate in Bookkeeping™, plus the AAT Qualified Bookkeeper Assessment of Competence.

Being a Qualified Bookkeeper gives employers and clients the confidence that you meet internationally recognised bookkeeping standards.

As a Qualified Bookkeeper, you will have access to the following benefits*:

  • Use of the Qualified Bookkeeper™ NZQBA member logo – gold status
  • Unlimited access to a consolidated library of online training resources, eBooks, webinars and podcasts via the Bookkeepers Hub.
  • Fortnightly newsletters, including technical updates and Bookkeeping tips and tricks
  • Professional status and recognition – demonstrate your expertise and commitment to professional development as an AAT Bookkeeper with the designatory letters AATQB
  • Option to become a self-employed bookkeeper and start your own Bookkeeping Business
  • Connect with accountants and business and join a bookkeeping community – become part of a networking community, joining other Qualified Bookkeepers at events, both face-to-face and online, to share experiences and support your professional development
  • Get support resources to help you start your own Bookkeeping Business
  • Save money with AAT Rewards: your exclusive reward site can help you save money on the things you buy every day. Find great offers on everything from cinema tickets to holidays and insurance.

*The above benefits are sourced from AAT

Ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD requirements):
25 CPD Bookkeeping points per year

Membership subscription fee: $45 per month*
*Includes annual subscription to AAT Global as an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper

Expected hourly rate / charge out rate:
$50/hour +

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Developed for bookkeepers running their own business.

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“Membership of a professional association, regular newsletters, community” Zachariah Hardy, Qualified Bookkeeper

“I am a really new member, but being surrounded by like minded people is always the best!!” Melinka Granich, Certified Bookkeeper

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