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Student Bookkeeper Membership Overview

Designed for those who want to begin a career in bookkeeping or improve on their current bookkeeping skills.

Must be enrolled in either:

  • Certificate in Bookkeeping™; or
  • An AAT bookkeeping qualification; or
  • An equivalent qualification.

As a Student Bookkeeper, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Receive a fortnightly newsletter, including technical updates and Bookkeeping tips and tricks;
  • Access to a range of textbooks from the CCH New Zealand extensive online eLibrary
  • Use of the Student Bookkeeper NZQBA member logo – bronze status

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Designed to help students improve bookkeeping skills.

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“I love being a bookkeeper as I enjoy working with financial information. I also like being part of your profession as I can keep up to date with all the changes and bookkeeping information.” Lisa Palmer, NZQBA Member

The best thing about being a member of New Zealand’s fastest growing Bookkeeping Association is being able to “keep up to date with latest information in Bookkeeping” Tania Paul, Certified Bookkeeper

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