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Student Bookkeeper Membership Overview

This is a Provisional Membership designed for those who want to begin a career in bookkeeping or improve on their current bookkeeping skills. You will be given access to some (but not all) of the number of benefits that are available for Certified Members.

Must be enrolled in either:

  • Certificate in Bookkeeping™; or
  • An AAT bookkeeping qualification; or
  • An equivalent qualification.

As a Student Bookkeeper, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Receive a fortnightly newsletter, including technical updates and Bookkeeping tips and tricks;
  • Access to a range of textbooks from the CCH New Zealand extensive online eLibrary
  • Use of the Student Bookkeeper NZQBA member logo – bronze status

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Designed to help students improve bookkeeping skills.

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“I love being a bookkeeper as I enjoy working with financial information. I also like being part of your profession as I can keep up to date with all the changes and bookkeeping information.” Lisa Palmer, NZQBA Member

The best thing about being a member of New Zealand’s fastest growing Bookkeeping Association is being able to “keep up to date with latest information in Bookkeeping” Tania Paul, Certified Bookkeeper

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