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The New Zealand Qualified Bookkeepers Association (NZQBA) was established to provide you with local and international recognition amongst businesses and the bookkeeping community.

The New Zealand Qualified Bookkeepers Association (NZQBA) represents a network of more than 1,000 bookkeepers in New Zealand and Internationally who use their expertise to make a difference to the businesses and communities in which they live and work. Membership to NZQBA gives employers and clients the confidence that you meet recognised international bookkeeping standards.

NZQBA membership is designed for:

  • Those who want to work from home
  • Job seekers wanting to upskill in the bookkeeping industry
  • Bookkeepers who want to become certified or qualified and join a bookkeeping community
  • Those who want professional status and recognition
  • Those looking to start or grow their own bookkeeping business
  • Bookkeepers who want to earn more
  • Those who want to become a Globally Recognised Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeepers wanting to connect with other Bookkeepers

Benefits of NZQBA Membership

Members who have built successful businesses or gained Senior Bookkeeping Positions

Leanne Jensen, Certified Bookkeeper

“I’m Leanne and I’ve worked off and on in accounting most of my adult life. In difference to the commonly held view that it is not a terribly exciting job, I have enjoyed doing the books for an advertising agency whilst living in Zimbabwe, worked in London CBD for the UKs largest multi-national company and I’m now running by own bookkeeping business called Totally Booked Bookkeepers. Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper and member has enabled me to gain personal development on a level I could only dream about. Totally Booked Bookkeepers gives you back your time, which is the most precocious commodity of all. Never again will you have to fear those GST returns, reconciling bank accounts, or 31st March! Totally Booked Bookkeepers understand the daily struggles affecting small NZ business owners and we want to help. Outsourcing your accounts is one of the smartest decisions you can make as it leaves you to concentrate on doing what you do best – building your business. Totally Booked Bookkeepers provides accurate, reliable and affordable bookkeeping and payroll services.”

Samantha Marshall, Qualified Bookkeeper

Samantha Marshall (Sam) is an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper (AATQB) at Big Blue Ltd, a leading supply of filterer and bottled water. Sam became an AATQB with The Career Academy and this has given her the skills and confidence to succeed in her career.  Sam’s everyday work involves using Xero, dealing with Profit and loss accounts, Depreciation, Fixed Assets, Cashflow, Debt Collection, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory.

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Connecting you with New Zealand Bookkeepers & Business

“NZQBA and the Bookkeepers Hub are committed to advancing and developing the Bookkeeping profession in New Zealand. We will provide you with education resources and support to help you start or run your bookkeeping business. We provide value to members at every stage of their bookkeeping career, providing you with unlimited support and keeping you connected with other New Zealand Bookkeepers and business” Morris Kaplan, CEO, The Bookkeepers Hub.

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