Payroll Qualifications

Payroll Qualifications

While having a solid foundation in bookkeeping is essential, adding payroll qualifications to your skill set can greatly enhance your career prospects.


Discover payroll qualifications in New Zealand

Not all bookkeepers venture into offering payroll services, mainly due to the complexities and ever-changing regulations governing payroll procedures, which can seem daunting.
However, for those interested in expanding their services, there is ample support available. By investing in the right guidance and training, bookkeepers can not only broaden their service offerings but also ensure accuracy and compliance in this crucial aspect of financial management.

Payroll Qualifications Providers

To help you in this endeavor, let’s take a look at some well-known payroll qualifications that can complement your bookkeeping skills.

Access a number of courses which will educate you on payroll legislation, processing payroll and using payroll software.

A range of payroll courses ranging from online, to onsite and webinars.  They also offer a membership option.

Join a nine-week training course blocked into comprehensive modules with weekly 2hr live online classroom sessions.