Approved Advisor Group

7 September 2023 marked an historic day for the New Zealand Qualified Bookkeepers Association — the day we became an Approved Advisor Group.

We have proudly joined an elite club as only the fifth organization in NZ to attain the revered status of an Approved Advisor Group, a designation that is approved by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

Approved Advisor Group

Reap the rewards

Being an Approved Advisor Group with Inland Revenue allows NZQBA to provide enhance the credibility and recognition of it’s members. To discover more about the advantages and opportunities of membership, download our member info pack.

Credibility and recognition

This recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of advocacy for not only our members, but all Bookkeepers across New Zealand.

Not only is it an exciting outcome for members of NZQBA, but it also signifies an increased representation of New Zealand taxpayers by Approved Advisor Groups through our members clients’. Having this wider representation contributes to an enhanced integrity of the tax system which is beneficial to everyone.

What is an "Approved Advisor Group"

An Approved Advisor Group is defined in the Section 20B(5) of Tax Administration Act 1994 as a group that:

The designation is approved by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

How does Approved Advisor Group status benefit our members?

NZQBA Members reap two distinct advantages:

How we can help you

We provide unwavering support to bookkeepers on their journey by offering a spectrum of services, including mentorship programs, educational resources, and networking opportunities, ensuring that New Zealand Bookkeeping professionals have the tools and guidance needed for success.