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2024 Bookkeeping Conference

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Kenn Cabigayan Membership Manager NZQBA

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Our 2024 Bookkeeping Conference is brimming with diverse and captivating sessions and workshops tailored to elevate your bookkeeping expertise.

From essential legislative updates to honing practical bookkeeping skills, our lineup of industry experts is poised to arm you with invaluable knowledge and actionable tips.

So join us and experience an event that promises to enhance your practical and soft skills, and help you thrive in the world of bookkeeping.

Kenn Cabigayan Membership Manager NZQBA

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Meet the Speakers


Natalie Tolhopf

Introducing Natalie Tolhopf, a powerhouse in empowering entrepreneurs to break free from self-sabotage and unleash their full potential – and our keynote speaker!

With a decade-long journey as a business consultant and coach, Natalie understands the critical role mindset plays in achieving success. Her mission? To guide business owners through the maze of doubt and hesitation, equipping them with the tools and mindset needed to take consistent, imperfect action towards business growth and increased revenue.


Join us for an insightful session led by James Grayson, Deputy Commission, Customer and Compliance Services at Inland Revenue, as he provides a comprehensive update tailored for Bookkeepers.

Discover the latest developments and initiatives directly impacting Bookkeepers. Gain valuable insights into how IR’s current endeavors intersect with your role, ensuring you stay informed and equipped to navigate the evolving landscape.

Join Leaine Jones from Smart Books Courses for a practical, and interactive session on the Accounting Equation.

Find out more about this important aspect of modern accounting. You will learn what the accounting equation actually is – and why we need to know. Understand the various report types that comprise the equation and their roles in business transactions.  Correctly identify the debits and credits within the equation, and discover how they influence increases and decreases in the accounting ledger. With practical examples and resources provided by Smart Books, attendees will leave equipped with a deeper understanding of the accounting equation and its practical implications in their work.

Are you ready to learn the power of LinkedIn with Nicki Osbaldiston?

In this session Nicki teaches you ways to share your credibility and industry expertise so that you are attracting your ideal clients on LinkedIn.  She says confidence to connect with your ideal client on LinkedIn is 80% planned strategy and 20% newfound confidence in your approach.  It also needs to be 100% genuine.  Which is exactly what Nicki teaches as the Client Focused Approach. During this interactive session you will learn some strategies and tips to get your LinkedIn profile working harder for you and your business.  

Not a business owner?  No worries – you can still learn valuable tips to transform your LinkedIn presence into a powerful networking tool!

Nicki will also be joining Natasha Wells later in the day to showcase ways to speak up about your business with confidence.

It’s time to join hosts Nicki Osbaldiston and Natasha Wells for an interactive session aimed at empowering you to talk about your business effectively.

Ever find yourself introducing your business only to be lost for words? You have the opportunity to spotlight what sets you apart from the crowd but instead, you find yourself fading into the background.

Imagine having a simple yet powerful formula that helps you to speak up about your business with confidence in a variety of situations.

In this interactive and fun session, Nicki and Natasha will share a messaging framework which you can use to captivate your audience, form meaningful connections, and leave a lasting impression the next time you have the opportunity to introduce your business.

Phil Crothers from Xero joins the panel discussion – Balancing the Books and Mind – with a practical focus on the crucial link between financial stability and mental well-being, especially pertinent for entrepreneurs and individuals alike. Drawing from his own experiences, Phil offers down-to-earth insights on navigating the challenges of balancing financial goals with personal wellness.

Alongside fellow panelists, he aims to facilitate a candid discussion on achieving both financial success and mental resilience in today’s fast-paced world.

Heidi Seal, an Operations Consultant based in Tauranga, specialises in optimising business operations by aligning processes, people, and software. With a deep understanding of the bookkeeping community, Heidi successfully started and grew a bookkeeping and software implementation practice that thrived even in her absence during maternity leave. Her expertise in systematising operations allowed her to sell the business in 2015, ensuring its continued success under new ownership.

In her session, “Using Systems to Calmly Pump out Profit in your Bookkeeping Practice,” Heidi emphasises the importance of simplicity in creating a profitable and stress-free business environment. Attendees will discover the essential systems needed to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and maximise profit potential.

More speakers to be announced soon!

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