Student Membership

Embark on your bookkeeping journey with Student Membership

Student Membership is a fantastic opportunity for those currently enrolled in The Career Academy’s Certificate of Bookkeeping course.

You will enjoy 6 months of complimentary access to our resources, providing invaluable support for your learning journey.

Upon completing the course, seamlessly transition to 6 months of FREE Certified Bookkeeper Membership, offering insights, industry updates, and a network of fellow bookkeepers.

Unlock success

Student Membership

Whether you are just starting or seeking to enhance your professional standing, Student Membership is your gateway to a supportive community and a successful future in bookkeeping.

Activate your Student Membership today, and unlock the resources you need for a thriving career!

How it works

From Student Member to Certified Bookkeeper

01. Enroll in the course

Simply enroll in the Certificate of Bookkeeping course and The Career Academy will forward your details to set up your Student Membership!

02. Complete the course

Once you have completed the course, The Career Academy will notify us and we will activate your FREE 6 months of Certified Bookkeeper Membership.

03. Reap membership rewards

Unlock extra resources, stay updated on industry trends, acquire valuable insights, and forge a robust network of fellow bookkeepers.

Option to upgrade

Opt for 6 months of FREE Qualified Bookkeeper membership as an alternative to Certified Bookkeeper Membership and show your committment to advancing your bookkeeping career and business.

Student Membership NZQBA